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Service Level Parameters

Version 1.1
Valid from 31th July 2018
Valid for TestBench Cloud Services - Basic Edition


The following SL Parameters refer to the document “Service Specifications and Service-Specific Terms and Conditions”.


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A detailed description of the available editions and the according pricing can be found at


A detailed description of the features and functions of the TestBench Cloud Services can be found at


Trial Period

For a defined period of time, the end user may test the TestBench Cloud Services (the “Service”) free of charge. This trial period is granted for 30 calendar days and provides 30 concurrent users (also called Floating Licenses).


System Requirements

The Service can be used by the end user within different supported browsers and screen resolutions which will be automatically checked within each login for the use of the Service by the end user.
The supported browsers are:

Full support
Google Chrome 66.0.* and newer versions (recommended browser)
Mozilla Firefox 60.0.* and newer versions
Mozilla Firefox ESR 60.0 and newer versions
Opera 54.0 and newer versions

Limited support

Google Chrome 55.0 and newer versions lower than 66.0
Mozilla Firefox 52.0 and newer versions lower than 60.0
Mozilla Firefox ESR 52.0
Apple Safari 11.0.3
Opera 51.0
Microsoft Edge 15.15063 and newer versions
Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.0


Service Availability

The Service will be made available to the end user upon completion of the subscription. With date and time of the successful completion of the subscription the system will be generate the given end user’s tenant and a tenant administrator account for this tenant.

The minimum availability of the Service per quarter is 99% with operating times from Monday to Sunday, (24h/7days). Regular maintenance windows are defined from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. (CET) on Saturdays.


Maintenance and Support

Critical or non-critical events will be processed according to their criticality with a maximum response time of 4 hours from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (CET) on workdays (except Saturdays and German national holidays).

For end user support in case of incidents or other technical problems, the end user shall submit its support requests via email to or via the support forum located at The support will respond with the same response time as listed above.

The main support language is English but the incidents can be submitted in German exceptionally. The support is free to respond always in English.


Backups and Disaster Recovery Capability

The whole system with all end user data entered by the end user is backed up on a daily basis as a full backup. The daily backups are stored for seven days; the backups on Saturdays are stored for seven weeks.


Data Retention in Case of Termination

After termination or expiration of the Service and after expiration of the Trial Period the end user’s data will be available for additional 30 calendar days. After these 30 days the data will be deleted. During this period the data can be exported on request by the end user. The request must be send to the support via the above listed ways.


Previous versions of the Service Level Parameters can be found here.